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  • Gabriela Rosales

    Gabriela Rosales

    Gabriela is a stylist and glamour witch based in Los Angeles, specializing in the use of ones wardrobe as the ultimate magickal tool.

  • Stephanie Valente

    Stephanie Valente

    poet + witch

  • Ellen Evert Hopman

    Ellen Evert Hopman

  • Sam Gennett

    Sam Gennett

    writer, witch, waitress

  • Lilith Amberly

    Lilith Amberly

    Lilith is the owner of Lilith Amberly, Village Witch. Lilith Amberly, Village Witch offers witchy boutique items, tarot reading, and spell craft.

  • Megan Winkler

    Megan Winkler

    I’m a Spiritual Marketing & Business Coach, writer, podcaster, and overall Good Business Witch.

  • Rick Silfies Potter

    Rick Silfies Potter

    Rick is an author, teacher and founder of the Blackthorn Druid Order, a training program that blends Celtic Paganism, Druidry and Witchcraft.

  • Katiee McKinstry

    Katiee McKinstry

    just another astrology loving concert junkie. freelance writer. (she/her) 🔮✨

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