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In Latin, the word equinox translates to “equal night.” The Autumn…

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Knowing Which Witch Name is Right for You

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A witch name seeks to embrace all that is special in the world of magic.

And witches aren’t alone. Choosing a unique name…

Protecting yourself from negativity, outside forces, and unwanted energy is essential to any witch’s practice.

Personal protection is a must for any witch.

To perform any of the methods below, you only need a basic ability to sense and manipulate energy.

  • Blocking
  • Charging
  • Returning or Absorbing


Crafting a personal shield can protect you by forming a barrier of energy that covers you from…

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What is a circle, and why does it matter?

A circle is often a barrier that houses your spells and rituals. By casting a circle, you’re allocating energy to protect you from any unwanted or negative outside influences. There are a lot of formal ways to begin a circle and some informal.

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There’s magick all around us.

This was always my first thought when riding along the windy roads between my grandparents’ home in Redwood Valley and Fort Bragg, a city on California’s Mendocino Coast. Along the way, we would travel through Willits, the Gateway to the Redwoods.

If I closed my eyes and listened, I could…

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The Seven Layers

The seven layers are the etheric, emotional, mental, astral, etheric template…

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